Project Description

A Night Of Circus At the St-James Theater

In order to promote the events at St-James theater we invited a squad of carnival hustlers and circus sharks for their biggest, sexiest and most improbable night. We unleashed a mayhem of madcap acrobats, contortionists, manipulators and dancers that took the guests on a terrifyingly fun ride. Social media earned media results were impressive. We achieved an average month-over-month percent change in reach for of 59.63% reaching 119k impressions, over 650 shares.


Digital Marketing

35% Increase in the average monthly revenue in one year of remarketing compared to previous year. 400% Increase in total number of newsletter subscribers. 73% Increase in total number of online traffic.

Graphic Design

Our graphic design team has built a series of posters that were shared on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest but also as posters in the streets of Montreal and inside of the St-James theater.  

Experiential Marketing

We created a unique, face-to-face branded experience. Our strategy was to engage the consumers and creates a closer bond with the brand by immersing them in a memorable event.


Over 90 staff members participate in the event. From security to international artists. We provided top-notch staff with perfect technical and artistic skills, flawless execution and endless energy.  

Over 1000 Guest and 50 Artists

And It Should Be …

Simply Beautiful

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