Project Description

Project Brief

514Blog approached us for SEO and content production in early February 2019. And within 6 months they became a wildly-successful Montreal based blog. They reached the top search spots of Google for over 200 keywords. 514Blog now it buzzes with activity, digitally delivering valuable information about Montreal to millennials and the generation Z. The site features local & global news, best of lists, provocative articles and videos.

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Click Funnels – Content & Video Marketing

Content Marketing & SEO: A Stellar Mix

After an initial comprehensive technical audit, our goals for 514Blog, SEO campaign was based in a strategic set of monthly deliverables. 3rd monthly report resulted in over 1,200 position gains for our target keywords, and they have been growing rapidly ever since.

SEO 100%
Video Production 100%
Content Marketing 100%
LSO 100%
Logo Design 100%

Content Marketing & Values

The 514Blog experience demonstrated that content is not king. It’s the kingdom. Millennials and the 2K generation behind them are interested in global adherence to a value system and what companies are doing to demonstrate alignment with their values. They will pay more and stay loyal to companies who understand their obligation to society as a whole, and the importance of contributing to the greater good.

Keyword Planning & Competitor Analysis

514Blog foundation is built on keywords and as a result, keyword research is a job worth doing whenever we are looking to create new website content. Competitor analysis helps us understand 514Blog standing within the digital marketplace, get data on competitor efforts, benchmark their success and find gaps in their strategy.

Sales Funnels and Social Media Management

We grew 514blog businesses using strategy, creative, digital, and design, all underpinned by marketing science and a test-and-learn approach. We outpacesed the marketing automation capabilities of ClickFunnels with its visual campaign builder and performance reporting on a granular level.

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