Social Media Management

Facebook – Instagram – Twitter – Linkedin – TikTok – GMB

As Social Media Managers, we oversee and improve a company’s interactions with the public through content strategies on social media platforms. We analyze engagement data, identify trends in customer interactions, and plan digital campaigns to build larger communities.

Content Creation & Posting

We will design and post content on social networks according to a brand’s voice and social strategy and responds to users and followers. Social media content creation is arguably one of the most important aspects of a social media marketing campaign.

Video production

Video content allows brands to be concise and capture viewers’ interest in the first few seconds. Social media engagement success lies in our ability to condense information down into easily digestible snippets of content that is long enough to maintain viewers’ attention but short enough to leave them wanting more.

Social Media management Montreal

Community Management

Community management helps create genuine relationships between a company or a business and its external audience. It is the new word-to-mouth infrastructure. This process helps brands become more human, accessible and more supportive to their customers.