Global Advertising Spending 2016 vs 2019

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Dylan Mortensen, senior research analyst for BI Intelligence, Business Insider's premium research service, has compiled a detailed report on U.S. digital media ad revenue that forecasts revenue trends over the next five years and outlines the key growth drivers for overall digital ad revenue in the U.S. Here are some key points from the report: US digital [...]

Content is about Quality: Why Is ‘Counterpart’ The Best Thing On TV Right Now?

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In a world where thoughtful equals slow and existential equals boring, ‘Counterpart’ is a stunning revelation and maybe the most compelling show right now

Nebula-AI: New Addition to Montreal’s Growing Artificial Intelligence Hub

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Nebula-AI is the latest start-up addition to Montreal's burgeoning technological community. In fact, Montreal is on its way of becoming the Silicon Valley of Artificial Intelligence. You might be wondering how come. First of all, Montreal has been a pioneer when it comes to AI innovation largely due to the efforts of the legendary professor Yoshua Bengio, [...]